Good places to visit in Beverly Hills

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This is the most well-known area of Los Angeles, striking in its luxury. It quickly gained popularity among those who sell from Russia, and this despite the fact that many areas of Beverly Hills are closed for free visits. Here rest movie stars and privileged people from around the world. Ordinary tourists can travel around the city only with a guide who will take them to all the “accessible” places. On the wide shady streets you can see luxury cars, so many jaguars and Lamborghinis are no more in any city of the country.
The main walking center of the city is the so-called “Golden Triangle”, formed by the intersection of three boulevards: Wiltshire, Christian Drive and Santa Monica. It is here that the main shopping centers and pavilions, offering a large selection of clothing, perfumes and jewelry. But it’s impossible to call prices low; these stalls are more suitable for those who are used to spending huge sums and not thinking about the remaining funds. In Beverly Hills, not only the most expensive boutiques in the country, but also no less expensive fashionable restaurants, which is why hotel groups are provided for tourist groups. Therefore, going on a walk, do not hope that you will be able to eat in the nearest restaurant. The choice of restaurants and cafes is very large, but for the average tourist prices in them are simply exorbitant.
If, despite everything, you are attracted by the atmosphere of chic and luxury, you want to walk along the famous Rodeo Drive in the world and walk along the boulevards with celebrities, then rest in Beverly Hills is the best solution!
One of the main attractions for tourists in Beverly Hills remains the search for luxury villas of world celebrities. One of the most famous is the villa number 144, located on the street Monovale Drive, it belonged to Elvis Presley. On the street Carolwood Drive you should definitely find the villa number 335, owned by Walt Disney, and on the street Foothill Road is the villa of Frank Sinatra. It is not possible to pass on the territory of the forks located here, but many tourists are happy and have the opportunity to take photos against the background of high fences enclosing them, as well as signs indicating the address.