Coloring Beverly Hills – traditions, festivals and mentality of local residents

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Despite the fact that Beverly Hills is primarily associated with fun, wild life and eternal celebration, and all thanks to the famous TV series, in fact this is far from the truth. Yes, there are luxury hotels, luxury shops, in which you can meet celebrities, but Beverly Hills is definitely not the place of just rampant parties. And there is absolutely nothing bad about it – after all, the locals, despite the fact that they are accustomed to the influx of “celebrity”, still remain responsive, friendly and always ready to help. And not a bit – arrogant.
Unlike many other cities in the United States, in Beverly Hills, the locals love their home to be different from the one in the neighborhood – it’s really hard to find two identical homes. By the way, among them are often found at home and celebrities (especially in Mullholland Drive). And in general, indigenous people love to stand out – but they do it in a special way. They do what they want and are renowned for their sincerity. The main thing in their life is self-realization and, of course, that children receive a good education and be happy.
In early September, Beverly Hills, being one of the symbols of fashion, confirms this fact. At this time, the most fashionable street, Rodeo Drive, hosts the world famous Fashion’s Night Out festival. The girls and boys dressed in the latest fashion are walking in the streets – what can I say, even dogs are usually dressed in the most fashionable robes. All this is accompanied by music, sounding from everywhere – and here it is, “a holiday that is always with you.” In addition, it does not do without video projections, which add a considerable amount of charm to the festival.
Another holiday that is very widely celebrated in the city is Halloween. The most active events are held on Santa Monica Boulevard. This is not just a celebration, but a whole carnival, and it is called West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. Parades are held, music is heard everywhere, transvestite shows, stand-up performances, performances, festivities are often visited by any celebrity. In general, the cost here is only without sadness, fear and despondency – they have no place at any festival.